Monday, June 11, 2007

Yesterday my grandmother spilled a pan flaming with an oil fire on her Persian rug. To hide the rug stains, my mother and I had to turn the rug around, so that the couch would cover the dots of grease. To move the rug, we had to pull it out from under her wall unit.

The cabinets weighed something in the vicinity of well-fed bison. When we opened the cabinets, we discovered my grandmother's collection of crystal, porcelain and fine china. We had known she collected ethnic dolls from around the world - this once was the default staple of souvenir shopping while on vacation, allowing us to quickly identify and eliminate the task of buying for grandma. The glass- and chinaware was new to us.

Hours later, I assigned a family friend the task of counting all the coins I found in the wall unit. My grandmother's compulsive tic, I learned, involves emptying out her pockets in whatever glass/china/porcelain knickknack lies nearby. Every container held at least penny.

By the end of the day, we procured $53 in pennies, nickels and dimes.


What? No Quarters?!
Well, almost none, one or two quarters. Which makes me theorize on the reasons.

I think my grandmother remembered to use up her quarters, loonies and toonies (in Canada we have $1 and $2 coins), but she considered the lower denominations as useless. She does ride the bus a lot, so I can see why the bigger coins would et used up.
How very cool that you have your grandmother at this stage of your life and that she, I am assuming, attended your wedding. So, you are an old married woman now...what do you have to say about that... It changes one so--- at least I thought so. But perhaps as a writer I just put too much stock in a piece of paper tho...

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