Proof That Italians Have Good Taste 

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Via del Falco

Europe has improved since the last time I was there. There's hardly any more smoking around and there are recycling bins everywhere.

Likewise, I've whittled down my art history snobbery to a sharp disgust at the High Renaissance. Michelangelo, that fucker, his ceiling doodles suck. Give me Fra Angelico any day.


Welcome back to Canada!
Thanks, Risa! Hope you had a good trip back home too!

I think Italy is easy enough to visit, maybe easier than Spain. You might want to visit.

Anyhow, I miss you! Everyone loved meeting you!
Fra Angelico rules! I remember seeing his paintings for the monks at San Marco in Florence. Best art I saw the whole time I was there.

Glad you guys are back. Looking forward to a download of your sights and sounds.
Another Fra Angelico fan!

I used to always mix him up with Fra Filippo Lippi the slut. I just found out, however, that Fra Angelico was beatified in 1986!

Can't wait to have you & P. over soon. I am still editing my Padova pictures, will have them up tonight or tomorrow morning, then I start editing the Venice ones.
YAY!!! She's alive!! How good it is to read you again.
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