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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

This just in: my friend Ryan sent me an email about the origins of Dramatic Chipmunk. Turns out it's in showbiz in Japan.

In all its glory, here is the pre-fame Dramatic Chipmunk.


Re: Rings
Yeah, resized. First time I got my engagement ring sized, the jeweller recommended two little balls soldered inside the band to keep the setting from spinning round my finger. Stupid idea. It swelled up overnight like a inner tube and I got Dave to cut my ring with a heavy guage wire cutter (I couldn't wait till the morning to get it the f*%k off).

After that, I always go to Birks to get my stuff sized/repaired and if you ask nice, they'll give it back to you in one of their blue suede boxes. And stay away from Kier Jewellers in Whistler. F*%kers.

:) Joyce
Naturally. Anything cool or weird (or both) originates in Japan, doesn't it?

I think those mind-numbingly stupid girls are part of Morning Musume. That's definitely something that originated in Japan that is not cool.
Joyce: Ouch. Now tell us how you really feel about those Kier Jewellers. :)

Justin: Morning Musume is still around? I guess Shingo Mama is no longer annoying kids, is he?
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