Of Hairy Cats and Dandruff 

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Cat ownership is new for me. The cat my family had when I was eight doesn't qualify: it was a working cat. It made itself useful by prowling the exterior of the house looking for varmints.

Ivan, instead, is a house cat and a lavishly hairy one. I found out how hairy he was when I recently tried to comb out all his loose hairs before they could shed themselves on my freshly vacuumed carpet.

(I am allergic to cats. I used to hate vacuuming. My stepcat has made me love vacuuming.)

My methodology was to comb him until A) no more hair filled the cat brush or B) Ivan got bored and ran away.

Half an hour and twenty handfuls of cat hair pulled from the brush later, I started brushing against the grain. I brushed Ivan's head, his back, his tummy, his tail and his legs. He purred the entire time.

After 40 minutes, Ivan was covered in dandruff. I was afraid that I was brushing off living skin cells, but Ivan seemed to love it. He licked my toes.

Finally, when it was all over, 45 minutes after the brushing started, this is how much cat hair I accumulated:

Ivan's Combed Out Fur

Can't read the measurements? Here's a close-up:

For Reference

Are all long-haired cat this shed-ful?


Yep. charlie (aka fluff ball) is full of hair, even our short hair'd biscuit has tons of hair.
I'm always amazed there is a cat left after all the hair comes off from brushing.
rhcd: So even short hairs are shedders. Dang.

Rachael: I had enough hair for at least one cat sweater.
You can shave the beast, you know. Use a good hair/beard trimmer; you probably need one that runs on 110V, not on batteries.

I shaved ours this summer during the heatwave in an attempt to pull him out of a heat-induced zombie like state (it worked).

the furminator will be your salvation. trust me.
Jan: I want to have Ivan shaved, but Matt would be mad at me.

Lyn: I will look for that Furminator! That looks awesome!
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