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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Three of the curriculum meme taggees have published their curriculums.

David added four courses to the curriculum. The courses I could also use are:
British Columbia Geography 399
Clueless about where all of those places in the Lower Mainland are? Can’t tell Nootka from Bella Coola (or even Bela Lugosi?) This course will get you straightened out, with numerous field trips to various BC geological and cultural landmarks. Students will compare topological maps to actual terrain via helicopter and float-plane fly-overs, and at the end of the semester, the class will pool their newly gained knowledge at a Spa retreat in Tofino.
Prerequisite: None, except for a hefty tuition fee
A course that requires helicopter and float-plane trips? A spa retreat? In Tofino? I like this!

And then there's:
Speed Reading 205
Using a variety of techniques, students will endeavor to double, triple, and eventually quintuple their reading speed while gaining comprehension and retention of material, with the ultimate goal of ingesting Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov in 23 minutes.
Prerequisite: Reading Glasses for those who are losing their vision. That means you, Drucker.
I've always wanted to read The Brothers Karamazov and the rest of Dostoevsky's oeuvre. With the teetering pile of books beside my bedside, followed by the floor-to-ceiling shelf, plus a list of hundreds of other books waiting for me, I thought Dostoevsky had to wait until I was 75.

Next, Ryan responded to the meme with five extremely practical courses. The most useful for me was (italics are mine):
Silence 101
Knowing when to shut up
A brief history of silence, techniques for keeping quiet, how to hold one's tongue, tact tactics, and the delicate art of being thought a fool rather than confirming it. No lecture: course is offered by correspondence and an in-person lab component.
Finally, Matt responds with five more courses, including:
LIT1105 – Reading the Books that You Buy
One hour weekly discussion group aimed at encouraging students to manage their priorities in order to read the steadily increasing stack of books which their unquenchable love of fiction drives them to purchase. Each week, students will bring to class a book already in their possession which they have completed reading during that week, convincing any other students who own but haven't read the same book why they should make time for it as well.
See Speed Reading 205 above.

Another course in the Matt curriculum that I would take is:
CINE2313 – Film Name-Dropping for the Cinematically Challenged
Survey course for students who desire to extend their repertoire of film actors, directors, writers and other cast and crew in order to speak intelligently about cinema in mixed company. No films will be viewed during the course, as it is presumed that students have already viewed most of them, but simply cannot recall the individuals who contributed to each work. Upon course completion students will be able to give a convincing diatribe contrasting Hal P. Warren's use of frontier imagery with that of Sergio Leone's, and will be able to connect Toshiro Mifune to Kevin Bacon in only three degrees.
Looking forward to reading other curriculum memes!


I think the reason my courses ended up so practical is because I'm pretty happy with my hobbies, and I'm pretty bad at handling my professional life.
to have found your blog and your curriculum at the same time was sheer joy. i would like to sign up right away.
Ah, Julie, I'll be watching for your curriculum.
hey! great minds obviously think alike! i just started pulling them all together, too. i think we should start a university.
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