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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm just waiting for myself to stop posting here, to let this blog drift off into obscurity. Too many people know me now and I can't bear to shock them or make them not like me by posting how anti-baby or how pro-piranha I really am. I think the best thing to do is switch back to handwritten diaries and turn my back onto the online world.

Then, after many years, I get tagged by a meme! And it's a brilliant one!

It's from Bluewyvern, a smart cookie I met in New York (and I am still honoured that you went hours out of your way to meet me, dear Blue).

The premise of this new meme goes like this:

1. Make up with 5-6 courses you'd like to take in order to fix up something in your life.

2. Use at least one course from the tagger as it's more fun to take a course with a friend.

3. Tag five others.

My courses with Bluewyvern? They are:
Dance 102: Social Dance for Non-Dancers
A primer in basic moves for a number of popular and iconic dance styles. You will also work towards developing your own personal, portable freestyle. Comfortably own the dance floor at any social venue. Prerequisite: Posture, Poise, Personality.
Because I am a hopeless dancer. You would never know I was a hot-blooded Latina if you only saw my hopeless dancing. I have less rhythm than the pastiest of white people.
Small Talk Workshop: Advanced Techniques and Topics for Social Mastery
This practical course focuses primarily on in-class practice sessions guided by the instructor. Learn how to keep a conversation flowing seamlessly, ways to move beyond the weather, dealing with unpleasant people, social conventions, appropriate formulas for a variety of situations (polite refusal, soliciting favors, disengagement, etc.), networking, and more.
Hoo boy, would this ever help me out in situations when I am not public speaking. In a blog post I wrote yesterday but will never publish, I rather like public speaking (sometimes I speak to thousands), but I dread talking around the water cooler. Ask the other person questions about themselves, I mutter to myself. Usually by the time I think of anything, the conversation partner is across the office chatting up about the cookies-and-broccoli centrepiece.

The rest of my curriculum:

Arachnid Wrangling 102
On successful completion of the course you will be able to undergo successful removal of spiders and scorpions from your environment, both with utensils and bare hands. Prerequisite: Insect Squashing 101.

History of the Modern Board Game 200
A survey course of board games from 1995 to the present, with special emphasis on award-winning German games. Students will be graded on the creation of a strategic board game with lots of stuff to buy.

Advanced Hair Tweaking for Tomboys 215
From braids to 8os style side ponytails and pigtails, students will learn the methodology behind complex hairstyles, in this hands-on course. Successful students will be able to plait their hair painlessly and without a hair out of place. Prerequisite: Ponytails 100.

The Graphic Novel as History 301
Learn about modern and contemporary history through Herge's Tintin, Goscinny and Uderzo's Asterix, Barks' Donald Duck, Spiegelman's Maus, Nakazawa's Barefoot Gen, Satrapi's Persepolis, Sacco's Safe Area Goražde, Brown's Louis Riel and more.

Intermediate Cuy Divining 302
This course teaches potential fortune-tellers humane techniques of foretelling the future via guinea pig entrails. By the end of the course, students should predict their own deaths and pick out winning lottery tickets. Extra fee for supplies (portable ultrasounds) $26,000.

Intensive Novel-Writing 400
Why settle for writing a novel in 30 days with the temptation of television, internet and house-cleaning? Let us lock you up in a sparse dungeon from September until April, or whenever you have a novel fit for submission to a publishing house. Novel completion guaranteed with our patented "no food after April 30" technique.

Massage Collection Techniques 450
Ever wish you could effortlessly maneuver your shoulders under someone's fingers after a hard day's work? This course will teach you how to elicit sympathy massages from friends, family, even strangers on your commute. Learn how expert massage-getters groom themselves to invite shiatsu, hot stone, deep tissue and even aromatherapy massages from those who never considered themselves masseuses before. Taught by the Swedish prime minister.

Decorative Flourishes 499
Impress potential lovers and intimidate your minions with a mere pen! This studio course is for anyone who needs a dramatic signature. Using Elizabethan and Medieval European sources, students will learn develop their own exaggerated handwriting through the study of Celtic crosses, curlicues, flourishes and twisty things. Assignments include signing credit cards and spray can tagging. Prerequisite: Scribbling 100.

I pass on the torch to Matt, Maikopunk, David, Rurality, Oana, that Raspberry chick, Miss 604, the Drunken Monk, and Ryan. That's more than five taggees, but I think these people can come up with brilliant stuff.


And the meme is off! :D

What wonderful courses you devised. I'm glad you liked this one -- and did it so fast, too!

I'm eager to see what your taggees come up with...
It was a pretty fun one to write! I keep pestering Matt to write one already.
Thanks! That was a good one. I'm curious to see how far it goes. Yes, get Matt to write a few. We haven't done an 'imaginary' [x] posting since the 'Earlstone's Club' bit we did over a year ago.
hi there

followed you here from david drucker. i know i'm not at YOUR end of the meme, but if there is any room left, could i please sign up for the novel writing intense (at least i'd lose some weight) and DEFINITELY the massage collection technique! in fact, THAT course is going to make you a millionnaire. i can already see the book, the movie the merchandise ...
... and it looks like i should sign up for "check your comments before you post them 0001." there's a comma missing in my comment.
Thanks for doing this one, David!

Isabella, I can't wait til next week to read your answer to the meme!
Oh Bugger.
im still trying to come up with more than 2... maybe something about creativity could be included hmm... okay i just need 2-3 more now :p
Looking forward to reading yours, Miss 604!

(Sometimes I wonder, will you ever be Mrs. 604? Or Ms. 604? But then Miss 604 just has such a better ring to it.)
this meme is still bouncing through the internet. i just came across one that was tagged by one of my taggees (tagees?) entered in a list contest, here.
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