The Waning of Lucian 

Monday, September 10, 2007

I took this photo of Lucian on Friday night:

Lucian's Eye Infection

It was only on Saturday night when I edited it, when I could enlarge his eye, that I saw that there was something wrong with it. Hamsters, for you non-hamster owners out there, are very fidgety. You can never get a really good look at them unless they are asleep, dead or caught on film after many, many blurred shots. This is why it took me twenty-four hours to figure out that something was wrong.

I immediately looked up vets open on Sundays. One was.

When I phoned up the vet the next morning, they warned me that they were full that day and gave me an 11 am appointment for Monday morning. Yesterday Lucian was still his usual run-around self.

This morning, he got up as usual to go for a drink and a morning snack. Then he collapsed on his food dish.

The vet wanted me to wait until my appointment, but I told him this hamster was awfully sick. So in I went with Lucian, an hour earlier than scheduled.

Well, Lucian is a very sick hamster and has been for a while. He has lost far too much weight, though his fluffy fur made him bigger than he really was. He is cold to the touch and incontinent. His once-mighty testicles have shrivelled up and disappeared within his emaciated frame. His teeth have become loose and an abcess is forming below his chin. The vet said he cannot remove the teeth at this point. The verdict is that he has liver or kidney failure.

I bought a round of antibiotics - two drops a day for ten days - but it's probably too late. The vet suggested I use a syringe to give him water and to keep him warm.

Poor little Lucian.

Lucian Sleeping

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Oh, this is so sad. I'm so sorry.
Aww, the poor little guy. I'm sorry :(
Oh, the poor baby. I wish the vet could have seen him earlier!
Oh dear, dear Maktaaq, you know I feel for you.

But as we hamster owners know all too well- time is fleeting when it comes to loving these little wonders.

perhaps it is a need for us to stay madly in touch with some insane past self that loved to love those that could not stick around- i dunno- but it seems the adult hamster owner population is largely comprised of ---well, people like us.

at a little over a year old, my own little willow is starting to fade into old age and some sort of lethargy coupled with sporadic balding that makes me worried around the clock.

7 months ago i took a p/t job with the vet that performed the surgery on rosebud--- when i first met you. I work three days a week, and at least two of those days I bring willow along because I am worried about...something.

I keep waiting to get fired for hamster paranoia.

I know you know that you can only do what you can do, and I know you are doing it.

Please know that all sorts of hamster love and healing is being sent your way from here in Idaho.

Thank you everyone for your sympathy. Poor Lucian died during the night. I do wish I had insisted that the vet see Lucian on Sunday, Rurality.

Lyn: lethargy and balding? That's what Lucian had! We thought it was his hamster wheel, so we got him a safer one, however, his hair never regained its full fluffiness.

Knowing what I know now, I suggest a vet visit for Willow. The vet yesterday charged me $24 for the consultation - is it more expensive in the US?
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