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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I eat powdered milk with a spoon. Not mixed with water or anything. I just like the sweet, stickiness.

It might have something to do with the fact that I was fed formula as a baby. You see, I was a bit bite-y when I was young - my vampire heritage and all - and my mother's doctor told her to stop breast-feeding me or else it would be curtains for her nipples.

Now, the medical profession would have you believe that breast milk pumps up a baby's IQ and bolsters their immune system. Maybe. Maybe for some babies.

But not me. The lack of breast milk hasn't prevented me from being immune to the common cold and dysentry. I drank faeces-laden soup and lived!

Back to powdered milk, Matt recently discovered my dark secret. He bought a large bag of the stuff and then had to go and get himself allergic to dairy products. Not just dairy, but also soy anything, red meat, crab, squid, all sugars (including my collection of twelve jars of honey), wheat, vinegar, alcohol and even duck, for fuck's sake.

What this means is that I have to drink all the booze and eat all the chocolate before it spoils. I just finished my bowl of powdered milk and am on to my second glass of wine. I'm doing this for you, baby!

The powdered milk thing is ok; I like white powdery things. It's when I finish off the wine and milk, that I have to work through the Campari. Now that's gonna be torture.


and finally someone who understands how gooooood it is to take a spoon of powdered milk and keep it in the mouth until it melts...to enjoy the glued stuff in all your mouth, to try and move it with the tongue, to force yourself not to put a finger to help...
try the soya powdered milk, vailla flavour! unforgetable!
Once, during the time I was an exceedingly poor student, I ate nothing but powdered milk for almost a week. Ugly. Thank God I repressed those memories.
Hi Monica! Wow, a Romanian blogger! I'm glad to hear from someone from home! :) Is it a Romanian thing to eat powdered milk?

Mm, glad to meet someone else who likes powdered milk.

Kit: I think the last time I ate powdered milk (besides an hour ago), was when I was an exceedingly poor student ten years ago. But those were good memories for me. More cat photos, por favor. And you're pretty handsome, by the way.
Great. Couldn't you say that before you got married?
just don't start mixing the milk with the wine....
Raspberry: eewww! Hmm, on second thought, let me mull that over.

Kit: :) If we do visit Bucuresti this winter (we plan to visit for Xmas/New Year's), I may organize a Romanian blogger meetup. Then you can meet me in person and be thankful I didn't say anything earlier.
I'm quasi-inept socially — read: not the blogger meet-up kind — but I'd make an exception for this. Good.
Socially inept? I thought I was the only Romanian who had rights to that title.

I just found out yesterday that my husband can leave Canada, so we will be coming to Romania this January. I haven't bought tickets yet, but I will make sure we stop in Bucuresti (we'll be mostly in Ardeal, in Alba Iulia), where I imagine you and the only three other Romanian bloggers are. Matt doesn't speak Romanian, but your written English is fantastic, so I imagine we'll all get along.
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