Ţiganii noștrii fără bani 

Monday, October 22, 2007

Tiganii nostrii fara bani!

This photo has been making the rounds among the Romanian diaspora for months. I got it from my sister, who got it from a distant cousin on my cousin's side.

It shows some Romanian gypsies on the Black Sea coast. *Alleged* gypsies - I can never completely tell the gypsies apart from the ethnic Romanians, unless it's a gypsy woman shuffling about with her huge, colourful, dirty skirt.

Furthermore, in this picture, it's the gypsies with money. The Romanian title means "Our gypsies without money." I.e. the ones who make their wives and kids beg for money, or squeeze old folks out of wonderful Romanian antiques to sell at German flea markets. Not that ethnic Romanians are any better, it's just that the crappy ethnic Romanians aren't all that exciting to look at, with their tiny cellphones and their hip hop bad ass attitude.

Check out the jewellry on these dudes*. I wouldn't mess with them. I would, however, tell their kids to scram when I am in a cafe trying to drink.

*Click on the photo for a bigger view.


Nice lads. I captured (in camera's memory) one of their decorative yet significant others.
She's a gypsy girl? I thought she was a girl with little fashion sense going home after a night of partying...during which she lost her shirt.

As for Harajuku, unless things have changed since I lived in Japan (from 2003 on), the girls in there were very few. Most Japanese people dressed conservatively and boring. The Harajuku girls were rare on the ground; usually in their hometowns they just dressed like everyone else. The Gothic Lolita thing was just something to do on a Saturday afternoon in Tokyo.
I don't know whether she's gypsy or not, but—in my opinion—those heavy gold chains match that girl's studded handcuffs perfectly.
Oh my god, those are studded handcuffs!
Somehow I hear the Sopranos theme music when I look at this picture.
Yup. That image will kill my sex drive for a while.
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