Ivan's Birthday 

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ivan's Birthday Dinner 2

Ivan recently turned eleven. That's 77 in dog-human years. After 15 years, 50% of cats are senile. So far, Ivan is still with it.

To celebrate his birthday, Ivan got a plate of his favourite food:
  • A whole can of tuna
  • Cheese
  • Olives
  • Ground coffee

We didn't let him watch The Godfather, his favourite movie, because we needed to save a present for Christmas.


Happy Birthday Ivan!!!

My Sophie Bear is 17 and just had a clean urinalysis today. So long may Ivan's tail wave.

btw--- Sophie rules the roost and has never missed the litter box- unless I am mad at the boyfriend- then she pees on his shoes.

And to think that if one were to scour this blog, they would see that you once doubted men that owned cats...

Any plans for a new family member- one with beady eyes and weighing in under a pound?
Lyn, Ivan often misses the litterbox. Yes, I once had my doubts about cats, that is correct. Alas, no plans for a beady-eyed furry child just yet, though I am ogling guinea pigs and wondering if I should leave hammies for a while, well, until I get over Lucian's passing.
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