Top 25 Blogging Peeves 

Thursday, October 18, 2007

1. Long paragraphs.

2. No spaces between paragraphs: it's different when paragraphs have only a single space between them in books or newspapers, on a computer screen, it's as bad as long paragraphs.

3. Blogger commenting: why should everyone have a Blogger profile? I want to go directly to their blog!

4. Truncated feeds: I don't always have time to go to a blog to check the full version. It gets especially bad when I have to play catch-up with a million posts - I usually never bother reading everything.

5. Long posts: I am guilty of this.

6. Posting more than once a day: though I read a few local and specialized blogs every day, I hardly can keep up with others and I end up skimming for something that interests me. When it's a personal blog, I'd rather be reading everything and really getting a feeling for the author's life. Actually, I really love my once-a-weekers - I can even forgive them if they write long posts.

7. More after the jump: no! I usually read over my morning cereal. I can't put down my spoon, click, then pick up spoon. I ain't no multitasker, stop asking me to work so much.

8. Links without comments: I want to know why you want me to go there.

9. More than two columns: I can't concentrate. I am also additionally fussy in that I prefer my sidebars on the right, but that's just going into crazy territory, I know.

10. Posts without titles: someone told me my posts should all have titles. It's made me think about what exactly I write about and makes me keep to one topic. If I have more than one idea, I can make two blog posts.

11. Good blogs that disappear: I still lament the passing of Baboon Ass. With so many inane dead blogs that cling to the internet like pond scum, at least the good ones could remain un-deleted, like rafts of hazelnut wafers among the pond scum.

12. Tiny (or huge) writing.

13. Exciting blogs that peter out after five posts: local museum blogs are pretty bad about this. I get excited that I'll be learning about the history of, say, Coalmont, BC, then nothing!

14. Exciting blogs that spiral out of control because they don't understand blogging: again, in my profession, organizations make blogs that sound more like marketing tools, with rehashed press releases. I can read those elsewhere; I prefer to go behind the scenes, meet the people and find out about the job.

15. No email: so what happens if I am too shy to write a comment to you?

16. Bloggers who don't answer their comments: sometimes someone has five comments, some of them questions...which seem to hover there, all lonely, for all eternity. I really appreciate reading someone who responds, even to thank their commenters. Hey, we're bloggers, not rock stars.

17. Unfeedable comments: sometimes I want to read the comments but I don't want to have to keep returning to the blog to see the updates. I love getting them in Bloglines. Of course, almost all blogs are guilty of this infraction, but with Haloscan and the Metroblogging Vancouver site, you can get your blog posts and comments too.

18. Comments that turn off after a while: what if I want to comment on your long-ago post on 19th Century gorilla-shaped tschochkes? Huh? What, after November 23, 2004, everything that can be said about gorilla tschochkes has been said? What if ground-breaking research has unearthed new gorilla tschochke revelations?

19. Image-stealing: I don't care that much about Mickey Mouse, but when it's just some kid down the street, please ask her before you use her photo, even if the Creative Commons license says "Exploit me."

20. Serif fonts: these belong on the printed page, not the computer screen.

21. Marketing requests made of bloggers: please don't send me requests to blog about your movie...send me a copy first and I might change my mind. I like horror movies and all, by the way, but I draw the line at Hostel, Saw and their ilk. Seriously though, no one reads this blog except a few people who like naked mole rats. I am flattered that you would think I am popular.

22. Spam/Trolls: delete please.

23. Teen accessories: music, moving pictures, stars that follow your cursor around, abbreviations, etc. The "Next Blog" feature on Blogger is what usually brings you to these sites.

24. Status updates: Happens in blogging for beginners, aka Facebook. Usually appears as "Jimbo is Julie ate my corndog." Or "Madeleine is Up at the crack of dawn." I, and others like me, will judge you on your grammar and capitalization.

25. YouTube: I hate it when I have to click that play thing. Almost as bad as something that starts up as soon as you visit the page.

Yes, I am guilty of many of these. I promise to blog about what I do like next.


19. Image-stealing: When I wrote this, I was thinking of the Dallas girl who was made fun of in a Virgin Australia commercial. I don't care if the images are free - surely no one just takes free samples at a supermarket without acknowledging the free sample food giver-outer? I think it's just nice to make a human connection, to thank them for their image, and to let them know where it'll go.

21. Marketing requests made of bloggers: I am not famous. I somehow got into a horror movie niche, over which I am thrilled, but these poor kids making films are trying the blog route of promotion. It kind of died down after Snakes on a Plane failed. Not saying I am not flattered, but I was taken aback.

I had no idea how to even rate these films, and some of them sounded gory, which I actually don't like (unless it's quick, like in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre - I hate scenes that linger on people screaming).

Recently I also got something to promote a local charitable event. But, while I want to be a good citizen, I have no idea how someone who bumbles about like I do, can even seriously write about this. I think those of you who read this blog aren't here because I am saying anything worthwhile or new; you're here because you're my friends and want to humour me. The one or two of you who may not know me, I think I just haven't rambled enough lately on about how much I hate Republicans or how I think vampire fiction sucks. I may do so and then you'll stop reading. You think now that I am all about hamsters and Belgian comics.

24. Status updates: I like status updates, but I like them written properly. Sometimes they're hard to read. This peeve should read "Grammatically weird status updates."

25. YouTube: I just don't like to be told "You gotta see this!" then have to sit through 6 minutes or even 2 minutes of waiting for what I gotta see. Most times it's not worth it.

So, do any of you have pet peeves?


Dang! Wham, bam, thank you Maktaaq.

So: what do you propose as a solution to the Youtube quandary? We can't not have the play thing. And you don't want us to autoplay. Hrmm. Rock, this is my friend Hard Place.
No YouTube!

Though, um, I have been catching up on my favourite videos from the 80s that I could never see because we had no cable...and reliving childhood cartoons.

I guess I don't like YouTube because it's like TV - I have to sit through it and pay attention.

I know, I am the sole salmon swimming upstream on this one.
amen to just about anything, including youtube. but the latter is just a personal preference, i believe (and yes, i blogged about that a little while ago :)

two exceptions: i'm not sure why one shouldn't use images if they're in creative commons, and we attribute the pics?

you don't like any status updates? they just hang out in the sidebar, i find them quite easy to ignore. on the other hand, seeing what a blogger says in his/her twitter life actually tells me a little more about him/her. i see it as a plus.
Ah, good...I think I'm innocent of all of these.

Oh, but not 15. Nobody gets in my inbox. Except indirectly, as a Blogger comment notification...

Oh, and 19...but I don't use images as illustration, I use them in posts pointing to the creator and saying how great his or her artwork/site/game is.

And 25. Hmm. I actually plan to incorporate video more extensively. I prefer Google video, though...you can usually find the same things, and the player is nicer. But yeah, I'm not sure what's wrong with pushing a play button.

Also -- 21 is a problem for you? Wow. I want to be that famous...
All: Thank you for the great comments! I answered as an update because I was a tad long-winded.

Bluewyvern: Really, no email? How did I ever get a hold of you?
I'm sure you just left a comment. :) Or didn't I find you first? I don't remember any more...
I’m guilty on 3 out of 25 accounts: #6 (posting more than once a day) but only in the sidebar, #17 (unfeedable comments) but I’ll do something about that and #20 (serif fonts) but I consider it a virtue.
... And regarding the YouTube overdose, I'm with you.
I'm with you on a lot of these, except, emphatically on #20 for a variety of reasons. First of all, many studies have shown that serif fonts are far more readable on screen than sans-serifs (There's a particularly interesting one that was done in 2000 at Wichita State that pitted Arial against Times New Roman - It's worth noting that 'the serif effect' is not as pronounced at sizes smaller than 12 point, but then again, I can no longer read fonts smaller than that -- have to increase the font size with my browser for many web pages these days.)

It's actually common sense - more distinctive markers (like serifs or letter shape) to discriminate one letter from another make them easier to read. This is true on screen just as much as off, especially with higher resolution LCD-based screens, anti-aliasing and other technologies, like ClearType, which use different colours for the blurring of character edges.

Secondly, I crave the warmth that a serif font can convey. As for 'design' aesthetics, I do like sans serifs. I'm bummed that I missed the movie 'Helvetica' a couple of months ago when it was premiering here; I like modern architecture and art and the whole Helvetica aesthetic, but I'm getting impatient with how ugly and impersonal type often looks on the computer screen. If a blog is a personal one, why do I have to limit myself to a generic typeface? How sad!

Fonts are a really sore spot for me lately. I'm getting really sick of Verdana, and am beginning, once again to wish for some technology that will once again bring a bit more variety to screens, as was promised years ago (and then completely ruined by wrong-headed thinking by both Microsoft and Adobe).

So I guess this guy is sticking with Georgia, and if readers don't like it, they can stick to the feed.

Also, as to your quibble with the YouTube player, I have to admit that I love them, especially because they don't force me to go to another site to play the video. I guess I still get thrilled when my vision of embedded video from years ago has come true. I wrote a book on Quicktime way back in the early 90's that had a 'Future Predictions' Chapter that could only dream of streaming video in online documents, without a special application for viewing them.

I guess my proviso would be that any included video should take no more than a minute or two. Since I'm asking the reader to pay attention, it better be short and dramatic. Come to think of it, it should be something that video shows well, that a transcript just won't bring across. Like when some Bush appointee is clearly caught in a lie during a testimony and you can seem them squirming and sweating.

Disagreements aside, I'm really glad you are doing this. Sounds like a cool topic for the next blogger meeting, nest-ce pas? ("Blogger Please! Raves and Peeves")
Bluewyvern: well, it's lucky we met. Blogging is like a weird sort of penpalship. And you live in the coolest place in North America.

Kit: I've already commented on your blog regarding those. I think short posts are welcome - I can keep up with those if they appear more than once a day. As for serif fonts, have you read David's comment?

David: Dang, I am working during the next meetup - I have a writer coming in that night who's researched a whole book on the Japanese attacking the west coast during WWII - I'll have to tell you how silly the whole thing was. So I'll miss this. Maybe we should have a Sunday afternoon meet-up after lunch, so we can all discuss this.

I do appreciate the divergent views, especially when they are so thoughtful. Part of the problem with serif fonts for me, is that I have problems reading on computer screens. Matt always laughs at me because I need to highlight my way through articles. Serif fonts are especially taxing. But I am interested in the study you brought up - maybe I need to devise some scientific tests on myself to see if I really am having problems or if it's merely my perception that is making the text unreadable.

I do watch Youtube videos, but I prefer to hunt them down. I especially like movie trailers for obscure movies. Part of that is because I know I am only in it for 1-2 minutes. Someone linked to a 45 minute video once, which, while interesting, was hard to watch. You can't really fastforward on Youtube.
please don't judge me and my obscene disregard for grammar...
Judge you, Miss Grammar Queen? I think I am a little intimidated by your education. If anything, you should be judging me.
#17, done.
I'm with you on most of these, except of course for the ones I'm guilty of...

But... no YouTube? Woman, are you insane?! How else am I going to be able to combine Taiko, Stepping, Maori Hakas and the Ama Odori in one post?
I had to load up lots of YouTube videos today just for you. :)
Wow, you still miss Baboon Ass? I'll have to let K. know, and we're not even together anymore!

Anyway, hope you are well. Still plodding along with the journal and other projects. Glad to see you're still blogging still!
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